Reliable assembly with ELABO

Work has never been so agile and flexible


  • FIM workstation
  • U-shape or standard model
  • Elution® software
  • Material provisioning cart

Your assembly personnel concentrate on the activities that create value while being supplied by your logistics with the parts they require, whether these are A parts (front provisioning cart) or B/C parts (rear material provisioning cart).


Simple and cycle-optimized assembly


  • Assembly system with worker guidance
  • Available as rotary or linear system
  • Extraction units for individually adjustable ergonomic working height per station
  • Material supply and return via racking systems
  • Pick by Light
  • Individually adapted workpiece carriers
  • Combinable with other systems such as vision inspection

Mount your assemblies quite simply and cycle-optimized. With the help of the worker guidance, every employee can easily change workplaces and immediately know what has to be done. Reduce the initial difficulties (new employee, new product, ...) to a minimum.

Never hunt for a misplaced tool ever again


  • Primus One workstation with tool slide
  • Primus One combined corner unit with synchro controller
  • Elution® software
  • Tool mobile

Your employees use the software or hand switch to set their workstation to the optimal height for their specific activities.

The tool slide means valuable time is not wasted searching for the right tool.


Step by step to your assembled workpiece


  • Elution® software
  • Leak testing
  • Line voltage 80 … 280 V
  • Current measurement 0 … 20 A
  • Voltage measurement 0 … 600 V
  • Output/energy measurement
  • Worker guiding system ensures error-free assembly

With the worker guiding system developed by ELABO, personnel are taken step by step through workpiece assembly to keep quality at 100%.